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Founded by the esteemed matriarch of dance, Madeleine Zoanetti, the studio embodies decades of dedication to the art of movement. As the current President of Danceport Australia and a revered national and international adjudicator, Madeleine's journey began at the tender age of nine, igniting a lifelong love affair with dance. In 1986, she planted the seeds of her vision at Lade Hall on King William Road, marking the start of a legacy that would inspire generations. Over the years, Madeleine has sculpted countless Australian champions and world finalists, shaping the very fabric of competitive dance, however also maintaining classes and lessons of all ages and levels.  In 1996, the studio found its permanent home at 2 East Parade, Kingswood, becoming not just a place of instruction, but a sanctuary of community, joy, and the sheer exhilaration of dance. 

2 East Parade Kingswood has not just been a studio; it's been a home, a crucible of dreams where students have blossomed from novice dancers to formidable champions. For many, it's the hallowed ground where they've honed their craft, chasing their aspirations under the guiding hand of Madeleine Zoanetti. In a pivotal moment in 2023, Madeleine entrusted the reins of the studio to her daughter Annalisa and her dance partner, Siggi, passing the torch to the next generation. With a shared commitment to honor the legacy while infusing it with fresh energy and innovation, they stand poised to propel the studio to new heights. Under their leadership, the studio is set to evolve, embracing new challenges, and fostering even greater excellence bringing the world of dance into the wider community. Together, they vow to expand the boundaries of what's possible, ensuring that Madeleine's legacy not only endures but flourishes, inspiring countless more dancers to reach for the stars or just for people to enjoy what dance can bring to thier lives. The journey continues, with each step a testament to the enduring power of passion and dedication.


"Introducing Siggi and Annalisa, the passionate pioneers behind the studio's exhilarating new era, having assumed ownership in 2021. With a passionate commitment to rebranding and relocating, they're on a mission to create an inclusive haven where dancers of every style, age, and skill level can thrive. Embracing diversity and innovation, they're poised to breathe new life into the studio, offering a dynamic space for artistic expression and community connection. Join them on this exciting journey as they embark on a fresh start and redefine the essence of dance!"

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